The Judson Education Center Inc. provides non-accredited degree classes, a diploma program in ministerial studies, Bachelor of Arts in Bible, and Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies. Classes may be taken at the main campus or at one of several teaching sites.

Educational Options

General Education (21 Credits)

GED 100 English
GED 101 Computer
GED 102 Psychology
GED 103 Sociology
GED 104 Philosophy
GED 105 Methods of Bible Study
GED 200 English Composition
FE 600 Field Education/Intern
BC 700 Bible Content Exam

Bible, History and Theology (27 Credits)

BSO 200 Introduction Old Testament
BSO 201 Old Testament Elective
BSO 203 Introduction New Testament
BSO 204 New Testament Elective
HSG 300 Church History
HSD 301 Denominational Distinctives
TSB 400 Introduction Theology
BSE 205 Elective (Doctrine of Holiness)
THE 206 Elective (Pauline Epistles)

Applied Theology (24 Credits)

APE 500 Educational Studies (CE)
APM 501 Global Mission (E & M)
APC 502 Church Planting (E & CH)
APL 503 Leadership Development
APS 504 Spiritual Care & Counseling
APD 505 Discipleship (Spirituality)
APP 506 Preaching (Homiletics)
APT 507 Teaching (Mentoring)

Core Training Modules (I) (21 Credits)

GED 100 English
GED 101 Computer
GED 102 Psychology
GED 103 Sociology
GED 104 Philosophy
GED 105 Methods of Bible Study
GED 200 English Composition
FE 600 Field Education/Intern
BC 700 Bible Content Exam (Required 27 Credits from Ministerial Studies)*
* Bible
* Church History
* Theology
* Applied Theology

Core Training Modules (II) (39 Credits)

DMOL 100 Foundations of Servant Leadership
DMOL 101 Teaching and Learning for Impact
DMOL 102 Strategic Management
DMOL 200 Women and Men Leading Together
DMOL 201 Integrity and Financial Management
DMOL 202 Conflict Management and Transformation
DMOL 203 Ethics for Living and Leading
DMOL 300 Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity
DMOL 301 Community Development, Justice and Social Change
DMOL 302 Fundraising for Ministry
DMOL 303 Mentoring for Ministry
DMOL 304 Partnerships
DMOL 305 Spiritual Formation

General Education (20 Credits)

Liberal Arts ( 11 Credits)
GED 101 English (Level 1-5)
GED 102 Psychology
GED 103 Sociology

General Elective (3 Credits)

HS 404 Myanmar Church History
ES 304 Principles of Teaching

Internship/Project (6 Credits)

FE 601 Field Experience
FE 602 Report/Debrief

Biblical Foundations (36 Credits)

BT 201 Bible Study Methods or
BS 303 Hermeneutics
BT 202 OT Introduction
BT 203 NT Introduction
BT 301 Defining Doctrines of the Christian Faith
BT 302 History and Theology of Missions
BT 303 Issues and Trends in Missions or MS 602
BT 401 Evangelism and Church Planting
MS 604 Principles of Church Growth
BT 402 Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
ES 305 Curriculum Design in Education

Mission/Intercultural Studies (21 Credits)

ICS 501 Introduction to Mission or
MS 601 Biblical Foundation of Mission
ICS 502 Cultural Anthropology
ICS 503 Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity
ICS 504 Community Development, Justice and Social Change
ICS 505 Intercultural Communication or MS 603
ICS 506 Management of Non-Profit Organizations or
MS 606 Organizing for Mission
ICS 507 World Religions

Note: Diploma in Missiology Program at All Nations Theological Seminary; Theological Education Department of Siyin Region Baptist Association.

Students, who have successfully completed Diploma Program, are eligible to pursue Bachelor degree.

Core Training Modules I ( 30 Credits )

HT200 Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the 1st Century Church
HT201 Pauline Epistles: Strategies for Establishing Churches
HT203 Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine
HT204 Leaders and the Early Church
BT201 Interpreting the Word I
BT202 Interpreting the Word II
BT203 Covenants, Unity of Scripture and Biblical Worldview
GE101 College English Composition
GE102 Basic Greek
GE103 Basic Hebrew

Core Training Modules II ( 30 Credits )

BT 204 Toward a Theology in Culture
BT 301 Old Testament Theology: The Law
BT 302 Old Testament Theology: Former Prophets
BT 304 Old Testament Theology: Latter Prophets
BT 305 Old Testament Theology: Writings
BT 401 NT Theology: Luke-Acts and Pauline Epistles
BT 402 NT Theology: 1 and 2 Peter, James, Jude, and Hebrews
BT 403 NT Theology: Gospels of Matthew and Mark
BT 404 NT Theology: John, 1, 2, 3, John, and Revelation
BT 205 Pathways to Constructing Theology in Civilization

Major Project Paper ( 6 Credits )

BT 501 Old Testament Theology
BT 502 New Testament Theology

Thesis & Writing (MA Program 60 Credits)

MA (8 Modules/Eassy Papers + Thesis)
Languages, 19 Eassy Papers (54 Credits)
Thesis (Oral Exam/50 pages) (6 Credits)

Ministry Practicum ( 3 Credits )

PT 601 Contracted learning through ministry experience, incl. written evaluation and reflection (at a rate of 1 semester hour of credit for each 45 hours of designated ministry and reflection)

Teaching Practicum ( 3 Credits )

PT 602 The First Principles Series III
PT 603 Interpreting the Word I: Principles and Procedures
BT 206 Toward a Theology in Culture

Judson Bible College (JBC) is a member of Association for Christian Distance Education (ACCESS) and certified by Seminary Extension (SE)
JBC is a teaching site of Davis College, which is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education and Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)